Mid America Rail Storage

Mid America Rail Storage is centrally located in Charlestown, IN, and is served by the CSXT Railroad 5 days per week. Mid America Rail Storage was founded in November 1997 by three principal owners: Robert Jones, George Merrifield, and Greg Miller, all three having combined railroad experience in excess of 130 years. Their backgrounds range from managing Class I Railroads, Railroad Crossing/Signals, and extensive Railcar Repair and Rebuilding. With this length of service in the industry, they have a broad base of railroad contacts. They saw the need for railcar storage and accessibility as a common issue for many railcar leasers.
The construction of the Indiana Army Ammunition Plant began in September 1940, prior to the start of WWII. At one time the plant encompassed over 10,000 acres, 84 miles of railroad tracks, 30 miles of fence, 190 miles of roads, and employed over 27,000 people. The facility had the infrastructure of a small city to include it's own power plant, water/sewer, fire department, etc. The manufacturing facility was placed into modified caretaker status in 1992.
Mid America now has operating rights for the entire railroad (in excess of 50 miles) on the facility until the year 2027. We are currently providing switching services to on-site rail users and store railcars/locomotives on available track. In addition to switching and storage we have the ability to turn unit trains and assemble mixed cuts into blocks designated for specific locations. The fenced facility is still under security surveillance 24/7. The vast rail and rail yards within the plant can accommodate over 3000 railcars for long and/or short term storage requirements. We currently utilize three locomotives for switching services with qualified engineers and conductors.
For all of your Railcar/Locomotive storage needs please contact Greg Miller, Chief Operating Officer.